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Saturday, February 4, 2017

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: visit of a world citizen

While I waited on Sujin Lim at Wellen.Spiel in Krems, I thought about which works I have already seen. Firstly, the Lower Austrian Cultural Art prize winner's critique about global systems has been exhibited at NÖ dok in St. Pölten. Secondly, I got to know her works in our monthly AIR-ARTIST IN RESIDENCE meetings.

Citizen of the world 

Shortly afterwards Sujin Lim appears at the cafe - "Am I late?" - I negate. The last days of the South Korean artist in Krems have begun, although she calls herself foreigner in any parts of the world. After her try to order in German (Apfelschorle is just not Austrian German), the two of us concentrate on getting to know each other on a professional basis: why do I think Sujin's art is very special? Where does her overall quietness and steadiness come from to deal with difficult and deep topics? How has Krems inspired her?

Being a foreigner was a topic in Krems. "When I was at the river and recorded, people often wanted to speak with me." Her Asian attributes offer Sujin ways to communicate with people from Krems. The artist tells about meeting an elderly woman at the river, who offered her a bag full of old, baked bread to feed to the birds. Non-verbally, because the woman could not understand or speak English and Sujin could not understand or speak in German. But Sujin takes what it gets to help this woman spread her bread. The woman's face lightens up and she smiles. Encounters like these touch people's hearts and Sujin tells this story as if it was a revelation.

1 ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE // Sujin Lim ist die erste Interviewpartnerin für #diekremserinotg2017 und wir haben uns gemütlich zum Plaudern im Kremser Wellen.Spiel getroffen. Die Reisende und sanfte Künstlerin der harten Realität erzählt von ihrem Projekt in Krems, von ihrer Faszination der Kernkraft und vom ständigen Hinterfragen und poetischen Neudenken dieser unnahbaren, schweren Realitäten. Sie versucht durch ihre Interventionen neue Perspektiven zu finden und jene den Menschen vor Ort als mögliche Lösung anzubieten. Geb 1979 in Südkorea. Heute, Weltenbummlerin. #exploreaustria #austriangirl #artistinresidence #air #portrait #artist #artlover #artblogger #interview #diekremserin #wellenspiel #kremstagram #persoenlichkeit #sospannend #wow #happyweekend #keintagohnekunst #sujinlim #southkorea #kunsthallekrems
Ein von diekremserin on the go (@lucietae) gepostetes Foto am

Sujin is a story teller. She uncovers. She offers people new perspectives of their environment. She acts very sensible to reverse perspectives. "There is always a way..." she tells me. I was very impressed of her poetical way to deal with law and order in strict autocrat systems like when she was in Iran. Dancing to music is prohibited. You are not allowed to move your body to the sound of melodies - you will be punished for it. In her eleven minute film Sujin avoids these rules in a very simple but effective way: she moves on the streets, on squares, between people - very slowly and very dance-like. No music but the voice of the streets: cars and people. After a few minutes classical music starts to play and the moving person becomes a dancer. Suddenly, Sujin moves the perspective very clearly for the observer. The artist plays with those changes of views.

Nuclear Power Plants, a tough topic 

Why Sujin likes to think about nuclear power plants is still a riddle for me. It must be between fascination, knowledge and aversion about this controversial way to win energy. "I could not go to Japan, after Fukushima,...", she states. Due to health and well being she decided not to look closer into the nuclear incident after tsunami in 2011. But Sujin actually came to Krems not to think about too much about nuclear power anymore. Sujin did not calculate Austrian history into her negation. Together with curator Verena Gamper she visited AKW Zwentendorf closeby which as, due to major demonstrations in the 1970s, never been activated. But the building is there. Now it's a plant for solar energy. Oppressive, might be the feeling expressed the most. The South Korean world citizen has a very sensitive way to deal with topics like nuclear power. In Taiwan she looked closer into relation between nature and industry. Missed Scenery and Missed Event draws attention to a crack of nature which Sujin takes to restate the meaning. A nuclear power plant in the back is replaced of a painting

The Missed Scenery and The Missed Event from Sujin Lim on Vimeo

It was just too perfect.

While Sujin was in Switzerland, she could not decide on what to work on because everything was beautiful, clear and intact. FACTORyAl LANDSCAPE, describes how a global world apparently works:

FACTORyAL LANDSCAPE from Sujin Lim on Vimeo.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Chilean Adventures: the big city

Good morning Santiago de Chile! 

© diekremserin on the go

Between 9am and 1pm Santiago de Chile, capital of the longest country in the world, is very quiet. Shops and cafes do not open until later, but they prepare for a very long evening. Because the sun stays for long too. It is summer in the Southern hemisphere. Just four hours of time difference divide Vienna and Santiago de Chile but times runs differently. Rapidity is not wanted so baldy like it is over here. And still everything works out very well. After one or two days of adapting to it, I am actually happy about waiting on food. It is some kind of quality too. Time, which I spend with friends to talk, to look around more effectively, time to lean back and start to dream.

My first breakfast on this trip is ordered at La Cafeteria, which I found on The Culture Trip. Spanish was not on my list to learn but I still order food in Spanish: and I receive coffee (Cafe Cortado) and scrambled eggs (dos huevos). I am heroine of the day! At least I feel like it...

Eggs and coffee. I can communicate in Spanish, I will not starve! © diekremserin on the go
Eggs and coffee. I can communicate in Spanish, I will not starve! © diekremserin on the go

I have got 1,5 days in the capital city of Chile before I meet up with my travel buddies from the US. We will head down to Patagonia first and continue our trip with the Atacama desert in the North of Chile, where we are going to hike. My time is limited but I try to take in as much as I can. I would recommend the Free Walking Tour which I spent with Andres of Spicy Chile. He was such a sweetheart! We started at 10am (you can choose from different topics!) and walked the city for three hours together. Zick-zacking downtown Santiago, walking to different markets and the little hill called St. Lucia.

We start at the graffiti at Bellas Artes metro and walk all the way to Cerro St. Lucia while we talk about Chilean politics. I was fascinated of Andres knowledge of plants from all over the world, which were planted on the hill like in a botanical garden. Even Charles Darwin has been here for a while...

And then, the markets: La Vega

Andres is very strict with his customers. We are not allowed to taste anything while we stroll through the markets filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. I guess it is one thing I missed. Because it was lunch time, all of us were hungry. But we only watch people serve food ... There are a lot of Chilean things which I cannot name (but Gudrun from reisebloggerin.at can!) because there are these orange fruit called huesillos which turn out to be dried peaches. It is very impressive how many pickled vegetables there are and how they are preserved.

Food markets are the best markets © diekremserin on the go
Food markets are the best markets © diekremserin on the go
Corn on the cob © diekremserin on the go
Corn on the cob © diekremserin on the go

Vegetables and fruit are usually not imported due to a broad variety of latitudes. Big plus! We walk across Mercado des Flores where it is over filled with beautiful flowers and smells like roses. For life and for death. 

Thanks a lot Andres for your time, the tour and your knowledge about your hometown!

Exploring all by myself...

After Andres left to his second Free Walking Tour and I try to connect do WiFi at Plaza des Armas and make plans for the next few hours via google maps, it is clear that I will head to one of the beautiful museums around here. Because, between 9am and 1pm museums are opened. At least. Free entrance, too! I am super happy about that fact and recognise only when I walk into Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes that there is a second museum in the same building too: MAC (Museo Arte Contemporaneo). Between chilean satire-Kitsch and Le Corbusier's projects for South America, I am very happy and relaxed in European architecture.

When a sailing boat... © diekremserin on the go
When a sailing boat... © diekremserin on the go

Santiago differs: between skyscrapers smaller newer buildings have been built or skyscrapers have been built next to very old colonial buildings. In this seven billion city a lot of decentralised centres have evolved. For instance I checked out the Italian quarter which is very close to the historical center. It has its very own vibe. You should not miss Lusitano at Av. Condell! Oh, about the Kuchen (=cake in German) - a lot of German speaking immigrants brought this German word to Chile and people use it now regularly.

PARE! © diekremserin on the go
PARE! © diekremserin on the go

Good Night, Santiago! 

Good Night, Santiago, although the sun sets at about 10pm © diekremserin on the go
Good Night, Santiago, although the sun sets at about 10pm © diekremserin on the go

Sun down is magical! It does not matter if you are on a balcony or at San Cristobal, the second hill around Santiago, which I have not hiked but went on a cable car with. From there, sun down is very pretty because you can see the Andes and other mountains around the capital city, even with smog around. Thank you Santiago for this wonderful time! And good night.

Staying at Gnomo Hostel
Eating at La Mensajeria
Drinking at Kross Bar

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Traveling in pictues: dreaming of Greece

This cheeky cat has found her space on top of a shop in Kerkyra, Corfu, whereas tourists walk along the narrow streets alongside restaurants, souvenir and craft shops. 

In memoriam to a wonderful (but short) trip to Greece in 2015. 

Walking up to the the Old Fortification - exhausting? hot? - but you should really do it anyway. Entrance, 2,50 Euros and you get an overview of the city in exchange :)   

Your perfect start into the day? Have some Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, some honey and nuts. It does not get any better! 

Iced Greek Coffee, choose it when it's 25 degrees. 
Agios Gordios. At the Western parts of the island, but just a few km from the capital you can enjoy sandy beaches, the sea and some relaxing hours of sun. 
Enjoy the view!
Green, green, green, wherever I look. It is a spectacular feeling to reside on a green, Greek island where you can got hiking and running in the shade!
All photos © diekremserin on the go

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rauch challenging Innocent

I have let you know via the photo platform Instagram, that I wanted to try two different smoothies. Since I have started my new year with (mostly) green smoothies which I made myself with lots of meticulousness. It cost me a lot of effort too to put spinach and lettuce into my drinks. Now, back at work, I sometimes take smoothie products from the supermarket. Why? Especially time to mix the drinks is missing. I am not on holidays anymore and I am thinking about buying food like the greens I would need once a week. And of course it's winter in Austria, which means there are little options at the markets (there are some of course). I am craving for freshly picked strawberries or regional summer fruits. Although winter has not really hit Austria yet, I have this strong desire for summer. I pick two different smoothies before going to work: Grünschnabel by Rauch and Energise Super Smoothie by innocent.
Starting off with my smoothie challenge :) via snapchat © diekremserin on the go

I am sooooo innocent... 

Comparing the two drinks directly does not exactly work: why? Well, the first one, green like the ingredients, the second one red like berries. If you want to replace your breakfast habits with some super energizing  liquid, pick the Super Smoothie. It is rich in its ingredients, although the sugar levels are a lot higher as well. Taste the strawberries, a little hint of cherry at the back and fiber takes over through crushed flax seeds making the drink thicker. Innocent offers not only Energise but also two other smoothies which I have tried already: Antioxidant and Defense. 

Collecting all my juices... 

Picking the green smoothie at first is nothing for greenhorns. Although I adore greens, veg and everything healthy, I had to get used to the green drink. But the cold pressed juice contains nutritiens which turn your daily low into a super high. Rauch has mixed the ingredients courageously together: apple and pineapple, some hints of chili and lime, which provide the perfect balance between fruitiness, acidity and hotness. Last but not least, the color is coming from our little friend spinach. I really love the bottle design saying: 

David, 23, working at the Juice Bar Neubaugasse hates spinach. But since he mixes it with apple, pineapple, lime and chili, he cannot get enough! 
Rauch offers some more cold-pressed products, whose making I find interesting. Also, the titles reveal what is inside the bottle: Adonis, Yoga Relax, Happy Hangover and Vitaminator.

If you want to taste some freshly pressed smoothies just head to Rauch Juice Bars in Vienna: Neubaugasse, Herrengasse or the Mall Wien Mitte.

Since I am a huge fan of smoothies - Rauch or innocent - both brands are large companies already. But at least some social standards are happening there: Rauch co-works with the local bakery Felzl or provides Mochi, the Japanese restaurant in the second district of Vienna, with freshly pressed juice. And of course there is innocent's big knitting challenge. In Austria people have already sent more than 150.000 knitted hats.


Whichever condition you are in: if you have time and muse to mix your smoothies yourself, do it! It is the only way to control sugar, fiber and which fruit and veg you want to have in which proportion. But, if you take the alternative from the market, you have to decide if you rather take the juice option to energize and refresh: take Rauch's Grünschnabel. If you want to replace a meal and still be filled the right way: take innocent's Energise.

I am really interested in what you are thinking about smoothies being the new trend to detox and eat healthily. Just send me an email or comment right here!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 2016: one year full of chances and ideas

diekremserin lives.

Like in several blogs I know funny things are happening right now. Future visions are being written, bucket lists are created and thoughts about what happend in 2015 are published. Via Instagram bloggers post their favourite photographs and on facebook you are asked to share a video of the most impressive events in twenty fifteen. 

I want to keep it short. But anyways, I see 2016 to be a year full of chances I can take. A year full of new ideas, I want to be part of. Until August, 215 I have been posting quite regularily on my blog, but due to my profession I had to take myself back a little. I could not be as creative as I was beforehand, my ideas did not just pop out of my head and I could not write as usual. I created a new blog (travel with lucie) but it did not help. I would really like to write more about these feelings when you cannot write, when you are blocked and your ideas cannot find their way to your keyboard. These posts should support others finding new ideas and creating articles about it as well as I want to give ideas how to strategically write articles for blogs.

Looking back via Instagram © diekremserin on the go

I live, that's why I write.

I offer my blog diekremserin a little subtitle on the go, likeSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) while building a new musuem. The plane symbolizes that I want to write my traveling stories here, not only about the little town Krems where I used to live but also a broader variety of topics is possible: cultural visits while traveling, reviews of guides, personal stories about countries and cities as well as Krems and Vienna to be focused on. 

Find a small description of what it is here: Girl on the Go. AND: I am writing my traveling buckt list, yes I do here! This is where I collect some links about traveling (where I want to go, where was I already, which countries fascinate me). 

Highlighted in 2015 should be my journeys to Greece, Rome and France. Although I did not spend as much time there, I really loved my trips to Linz, Vienna, Brixen and Ireland too. Many thanks to my traveling buddies, who opened my eyes to very special things and showed me those places from a different point of view. 

Want some more? 2016 can approach! 

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